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Spontaneous Music...

        Complete improvisation...

 No pre-composed material...

   Project K-Paz is a musical collective specializing in Spontaneous Music: 100% pure improvisation. They create music in the moment, which is the sum of the musicians present. Musicians from around the world gather with the goal of creating something special and unique. A mixture of genres, styles and musical cultures that erupts into this representation of art at its best.

    The band started in 2009 in Boston, from inside Berklee College of Music, where Álvaro Kapaz (guitar) and Pablo Eluchans (drums) met and went to school together, along with Josh Fobare, the band’s first keyboard player. Their debut album Nothing to Something, recorded at Avatar Studios (today Power Station), was released later that year, and in 2010 they moved to NYC, where Adam Ahuja (keys) joined the band. Through the years they’ve had several bass players in their formation, like Laurent Salzard (France), Reuben Cainer (England), Juha Poysa (Finland), Alex Hayes (US), and Gustavo Santos (Brazil).

    They now live between New York City and São Paulo, where they continue to play mainly as a 4-piece, but for this upcoming release they decided to try something different. Coming in May of 2018, Post-something was recorded as a trio record.

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