Ryan Gleason...

 …was born in Claremont, NH. He started his musical journey through various stints playing the piano, drums, and guitar, but was eventually drawn to the bass thanks to what he calls the classic "Paul McCartney situation." After a move to New London, NH in the 6th grade Ryan began playing guitar in a few bands. It quickly became apparent that a bass player was needed to hold down the low end. When no one was willing to give up the guitar Ryan jumped at the opportunity, convincing his parents to buy him a bass for Christmas. He quickly fell in love with the bass' power to create a bridge between the harmony and the rhythm in music.

After sustaining a serious knee injury that left Ryan bedridden for the better part of his freshman year of high school he decided to shift his focus to music. With a newfound passion for the bass Ryan dove headfirst into a study of the great bass players of jazz, pop and rock. Once fully recovered from his knee injury and back at school he took advantage of every opportunity available to him to play and study music. Thanks in part to a few great teachers and mentors who saw his potential Ryan applied to the prestigious Berklee College of Music and was accepted immediately.

In 2005 Ryan began his studies at Berklee, which opened his eyes and ears to a more eclectic selection of music than he had ever thought possible before. While quickly trying to absorb everything he was hearing around him Ryan began to create his own voice on the bass. He decided, perhaps unconsciously, that fast and flashy bass lines were nowhere near as important to him as laying down a solid foundation and playing for the song. Groove and playing in the pocket became his main focus, thanks in part to the study of the great bassist Pino Paladino's seemingly infinite catalogue of recordings as a session player. As Ryan became more an more involved in session work and playing with songwriters he realized just how important having a solid groove and playing for the song really is.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Berklee in 2009 with a degree in Professional Music, Ryan relocated to New York City to follow his dream of becoming a successful professional bassist in the greatest city on earth! So far he has had the good fortune of playing with some of the city's most talented young artists as well as a few bigger name acts such as Macy Gray, Markéta Irglová, Rory Sullivan & The Second Season, Project K-Paz, Tom Howie, Alicia Lemke, Jake Clemons and many more.

Ryan continues to pursue his passion for great bass, solid songwriting and outstanding musicianship everyday in The Big Apple while eagerly chasing what's around every new corner!