Pablo Eluchans...

...was born in Santiago, Chile. From a very young age Pablo felt a very powerful attraction to music and specially drums, but didn't start playing the drums until he was about 15 years old. Like almost every 15 year old kid, he started playing the good old Rock & Roll, going from classic Rock to even more Metal escapades.

But it wasn't long before he discovered the enormous plethora of possibilities within other genres and took a deep dive into jazz music, exploring all it's subtleties and sub-genres, such as fusion, swing, modern jazz and many others. However, it wasn't until some time later that he would fully dedicate his life to music.

Pablo went on to study Architecture, in which he graduated in 2005 at the Universidad Finis Terrae. Short after that, he started to take music more seriously and applied to Berklee College of Music. In 2006 he was awarded a scholarship to attend the prestigious school, from which he Graduated in 2010. While there, he was the recipient of several awards including The World Scholarship Tour 2006, the Zildjian Scholarship Award 2007, the Achievement-based Scholarship (BAS) and the Thayer A. Peck Memorial Scholarship.

His freelance work as a drummer/percussionist consists of playing live, recording, touring and teaching in many different styles, from Jazz and Funk, to Hip-Hop, among others. He has recorded 12 CD’s as a sideman and done International Tours in Hungary, Portugal, Switzerland and St. Barthelemy. Pablo performs regularly in Boston, The New England Area and New York City. In May of 2009, he placed 3rd in the International Kodolányi Jazz Competition with Mitsuru Hirayama's Saxolin Quintet.

Some of the artists/bands he works with are: Sylvie Bourban, Luisa Sobral, Alicia Lemke, Javier Rosario and Carmen Spada.

One of the founding members of Project K-Paz, it is his goal to further develop his musicianship in the vast and unknown territory of Spontaneous Music.