It all started with *what if...*

...there they were, Al and Chris, sitting at the Mass Ave BOLOCO (a Boston classic), on December 10th, 2008. A lot of snow in the streets of Boston, school was almost done and they were both about to go back home to their families. They had just left a meeting of the Music Business Club of Berklee College of Music, of which they were treasurer and president, and their minds were full of questions and doubts.

After a long talk about the business and how everything seemed so fabricated and fake to them, Al said "man, what if we went to a studio to just Jam and put that on a record?" Chris looked at him, with a very intense look in his eyes, realizing that there was something there. Something that people would appreciate, that was worth going after and making happen. Al didn't really see it then, and it took some convincing from Chris, but as Al was walking back home that night, he had that feeling...that feeling like something special had been created, even if just for them.


Fast-forward to a couple of months after that, they are both walking around Avatar Sudios, speaking to the Studio Manager about booking a whole day of recordings for Project K-Paz. It had become real. That initial "what if" actually has become reality, and Project K-Paz has just recorded a full length Album and a DVD of purely improvised music, just released and available for purchase.

And if you are reading this now, it means there are people who are willing to check it out, listen to that music, find out how it was created, watch the whole process of coming from that little idea to something concrete, a real contribution to the world of music and art.

Music that does not "belong" anywhere. Music that wasn't created with any formula, except one direction: just play. In a world that is full of "labels" and "categories", Spontaneous Music is not meant to be categorized or fit into a "Genre" or a "Style", it is its own thing. It has no nationality, no ethnic facet, it is just the most simple and direct sum of its parts: the musicians. That is why we believe it transcends the barriers of nations, being accessible to anyone in the world. If you want, buy your copy now.


Today, Project K-Paz has relocated to New York City, where they have been taking on the mission of spreading the wonder of LIVE Spontaneous Music throughout the whole world, one place at a time. They have played in many different cities in the world, including New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Helsinki, Tokyo, Kyoto, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Port of Gustavia, among others.

Check out the Shows section of the website to find out about their next performance, and feel free to Contact Them if you want Project K-Paz to come play where you are...remember: the possibilities of Spontaneous Music are endless!

The musical collective of Project K-Paz has taken many shapes, and many phenomenal musicians are now part of the family. Find out more about them:

Álvaro Kapaz
       Guitar & Co-Producer

Chris Carlson

        Manager & Co-Producer

Pablo Eluchans
         Drums & Percussion

Bruno Esrubilsky
         Drums & Percussion

Adam Ahuja
      Piano, Organ & Keyboards

Josh Fobare

        Piano, Organ & Keyboards

Alex Hayes

Laurent Salzard

Juha Pöysä


Sam Lee

Ryan Gleason

Reuben Cainer

Karim Georges


Fernando Lodeiro
         Recording & Mixing Engineer

Jon Hsu
         DVD Director and Producer

Jack Shenker
         The Voice