Laurent Salzard...

...was born on France's Atlantic West Coast and raised in La Rochelle. Laurent fell in love with music in High School, specially attracted by the bass guitar. Being self taught for the first couple years of his learning, he decided to move to Paris in order to learn and practice music more seriously and to get immersed into a more dense musical environment. The "real thing"!

He studied for one year at CIM Jazz School then began playing around as much as he could with as different people as he could. In 2007, he auditioned for Berklee College of Music and won a scholarship that allowed him to go and study in Boston, where he spent one year and learned a lot! he was fortunate to study with teachers like Matt Garrison, Bruce Gertz, Aruan Ortiz, Eguie castrillo, Dave Fiuckzynski, among others. He has shared the stage with great musicians like Nourou, Kankele, Nu-Tone, Nguyen Le, Mohammed Kalifa Kamara, Tim Mayer and many others!

Now Laurent is coming once again to the US, this time to New York, to be part of Project K-Paz and redefine how the world sees "jamming".