Jack Shenker...

...is a multi-instrumentalist from Auckland, New Zealand. Since a young age he was able to learn music quickly and solidified it as one of his strengths. At the age of 11, Jack received a music scholarship to attend King's College and subsequently picked up the viola to diversify his musical education. Throughout his high school years, Jack experimented with several more instruments including clarinet, soprano sax, tenor sax, bass clarinet, and guitar. He participated in every musical group available - Orchestra, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Sax Ensemble, and Choir. All the while, he maintained his piano studies and achieved an ATCL two weeks before graduating high school in December 2000.

Jack did not consider pursuing a Bachelor of Music at the University of Auckland because an undergraduate degree in classical piano performance wasn't what he wanted. Instead, he completed a double degree, becoming a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce. While he was at college, Jack began studying the drums. After graduating, he worked for several months as editor for a drum magazine. It was during this time that he first started considering a career in music and gave serious consideration to completing a degree in contemporary music.

Several months later Jack was accepted to Berklee College of Music, where he continued his drum set studies and majored in Contemporary Writing & Production. After graduating summa cum laude in May 2010, Jack relocated to Los Angeles. Currently he is working for Elias Arts and doing freelance consulting work for Topspin Media. Ultimately, Jack aspires to be involved in several aspects of the music industry, including songwriting, production, and composition for film and television.

You can connect with Jack through Twitter, or learn more about him on his Berklee Student Profile.