Alexander Trampas...

...was born in Athens, Greece. At a very young age he had his first experience with the violin, and later piano and guitar, but the bass was the one that inspired him the most. His influences include people who have inspired him over the years, recordings he listens to, live performances he has attended or played in, and anything musical or not with a deep meaning under its surface.

During his career as a bass player he has appeared on stage with musicians like Larry Monroe, Greg Badolato, Greg Hopkins, Ron Savage, Dennis Montgomery III, Ricardo Monzon, Mario Frangoulis, George Perris, Joe Tornabene, Eriko Daimo, and Dimitris Tsakas, among others. Currently he is studying Jazz Composition, Performance, Film Scoring and Classical Composition at Berklee College of Music. He is fortunate enough to have studied composition and performance with great musicians like John Bavicchi, John Lockwood, and Bob Pilkington.

He has been involved in various ways in many different projects as a sideman or arranger, and also leads the Pocket Jazz Orchestra, a ten-piece band that performs mostly his own music. He believes that what makes his music beautiful is a combination of the written and the improvised element, the personal and the collective "composition" in a way that depends equally on the performance and the players as well as the composer.

Alex usually he spends his time composing, practicing the bass, jamming or rehearsing with other musicians or sequencing and listening to music. He hopes that after he finishes his studies he can fullfill his lifelong dream of seeing more of the world while playing and writing music, and allow everything he has learned to mature and grow within him, so that he can ultimately settle down in an inspiring location and continue his life as a musician.