Project K-Paz

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Post-something represents their first trio adventure, and marks the bandʼs second release after a long time.

The name and artwork for the record were inspired by a deep reflection of our times. We are in a controversial era, when the world seems easily polarized and tensions quickly rise. But the future lies in the hands of the new generations, who bring us hope of a reality that will build bonds out of bleak surroundings, turning our differences into strengths, and discover a new unity for our humanity. This musical journey reflects how we as humans choose to deal with sadness, loss, excitement, madness, joy, love.

All of that, is reflected in the music that was performed that night, in a way that only Spontaneous Music can deliver. The album was recorded in one night at PINCH Recording in NYC with no overdubs, mixed in two weeks, and released exactly 3 months after being recorded. It also marks Project K-Pazʼs first release with Infinity Gritty (Ropeadope), and feels exactly like its title, the next step, the aftermath, Post-something.

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