Ghost X

Project K-Paz

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Ghost X represents their second release with Infinity Gritty, as well as the second album recorded at their now NYC home-base PINCH Recording, with their long-time friend and collaborator E Scott Lindner at the helm. Scott has taken on a more involved role on this record, besides tracking and mixing, he is also wearing the Executive Producer hat, and helping realize the band’s vision. Their musicality has been evolving continuously, and Akos’ presence certainly added new flavors. But the purpose of the music remains the same: to stay true to the art that is Spontaneous Music, creating only the purest, most emotionally driven music, which is just the most simple and direct sum of its parts: the musicians.

The name of the record, Ghost X, and of the individual tracks as well, comes from an interpretation of the sounds that were created, and it inevitably reflects a mixture of the reality of every musician involved, as well as the situation of the world around us. The record was tracked pre-pandemic, when the world seemed to be consumed by technological relationships and tensions were on the rise. And the future remains uncertain. More and more, technology seems to be playing a larger role in our lives as we progress into a post-chaotic new order, where the balance between all aspects of our lives are being redefined.

This musical journey reflects how we as humans choose to deal with solitude, confinement, uncertainty, and ultimately how technology is the ghost that risks supplanting the human aspect of humanity.

All of that, is reflected in the music that was performed that day, in a way that only Spontaneous Music can deliver.

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