Adelino Costa...

...was born in Uberlândia, MG, in Brazil. Growing up in a very musical environment, he started formally studying the drumset and music at age 13, and music quickly became a livelihood. Graduated at UNICAMP school of music, in Campinas, where he went deeply into composition, recording and performance, studying under great masters.

After graduating Adelino went on a cruise tour, then moving to São Paulo and starting teaching at Projeto Guri and other NGOs. In 2010, he joined the singer Sandy, with whom he did countless shows, albums, and DVDs, alongside greats such as Nerina Pallot, Seu Jorge, Lenine, Gilberto Gil, and Tiago Iorc. Adelino also went into production, working with many gospel artists, besides working as drummer with Beatriz Rodarte, Andrei Furlan, Gustavo Ruiz, Edu Tedeschi, Deborah Blando, Marley Munroe and Adam Lasher.

Adelino continues his research work, also being very active in the recording scene in Brazil, having built his own studio and expanded the breath of his production skills towards jingles and commercial music. As for performance, he joined renowned artist Tiago Abravanel's group and tours the world, sharing the stage with Thiaguinho, Péricles, Sandra de Sá, Wanessa Camargo, Gabriel o Pensador, Karol Conka, Di Ferrero, Ivete Sangalo and many more.