Adam Ahuja...

...was born in Allentown, PA. Adam is a multi-instrumentalist (keyboards, guitar, vocals, drums) who writes & performs a variety of styles of music incorporating jazz, rock, funk, electronic, and hip-hop. Adam pursues music with the intent of inspiring hearts and fostering improvement in communication and concentration.

Adam has studied music with teachers Paul Amrod, Alex Gergar amongst others and has completed jazz program courses at Bucknell University, Moravian College, and Lebanon Valley College. Adam's musical adventures began with Vanilla Ice dance contests at the neighbor's house and followed with listening to classical music and learning the piano. Adam learned to play rock guitar and drums as a teen and eventually entered the jazz and progressive landscape. Over the years, Adam has had the opportunity to perform projects opening for musical artists such as Jurassic 5, Jaguar Wright, and Keller Williams and record on Meatloaf's Hang Cool Teddybear.

In 2010 in New York City, Adam became acquainted with Project K-Paz through common friends. After a few performances Adam joined the group, as there was a common path found through Spontaneous Music. Adam seeks to approach music with the fluidity that one may speak a language, seeing music similar to a river - at ease in it's natural flow. Adam's on-going project in New York, The Flowdown, is similarly an integrative band that bridges together various musical styles and personalities to convey peace through musical potency.